Patient Warming System

Pintler Patient Warming is identified as “Active Patient Warming” and Pressure Redistribution & Reduction for every patient in surgery.   Two measures identified in PQRS Guideline of Quality Patient Care.

Pintler Medical’s Patient Warming System is patent conductive warming utilizing resistive technology. The system consists of the control unit and the Pintler Patient Warming OR Pad. “Active Warming” commences with the patient arrival upon the Operating Room Table and is maintained until the patient leaves, Wheels in and Wheels Out Active Warming. Conductive warming is specifically identified in SCIP 10 version 3.2 s active patient warming.

Features of Operator’s Control Unit

  • Intuitive and ease of use
  • Mounts to the anesthesia IV pole
  • Mounting the control unit to the OR table rail is easily accomplished
  • Silent operation
  • Compact, robust and fluid shedding design
  • Robust medical grade manufacturing standards for the pad/power
  • FDA-approved
  • EMC-tested and approved for OR use
  • IEC 60601-1 (electrical safety)-compliant
  • RoHs-compliant
  • Audible and visual alarm

Features of Pintler Medical’s PEAK Warming Pressure Redistribution Pads

  • The very best pressure redistribution/reduction pads ever offered for OR table pads
  • Anti-bacterial/Anti-fungal
  • Pads can be repaired for slight damage by the user facility
  • Fluid impervious
  • Designed to use with and without Velcro

Operating Room Pad Configurations

Pintler Medical can provide PEAK pads for all surgical tables and specialty requests.

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