Patient Warming System

Pintler Patient Warming System provides steady, uniformly distributed warmth and pressure reduction to every patient

Pintler Medical’s Patient Warming System is a patent-pending resistive warming technology. The system consists of the control unit and the Pintler Patient Warming OR Pad.  The warming & pressure reduction pad connects to the operator’s control unit via an innovative ribbon cable to provide safe, consistent and active warming to every patient. Resistive warming is specifically identified in SCIP 10 version 3.2 as active patient warming.

Features of Operator’s Control Unit

  • IV pole-mounts. No floor space required.
  • Silent operation. Absolutely  no noise.
  • Control panel is canted for ease of viewing.
  • Compact, robust and fluid shedding design.
  • Innovative, low-profile and robust ribbon cable.
  • D-shaped connector to prevent misalignment.
  • Provides active patient warming verification.
  • FDA-approved.
  • EMC-tested and approved for OR use.
  • IEC 60601-1 (electrical safety)-compliant.
  • RoHs-compliant.
  • Audible and visual alarm.

Features of Pintler Medical’s PEAK Warming Pressure Reduction Pads

  • Maximum patient safety and comfort.
  • PEAK pads use low-ILD foam for maximum pressure reduction.
  • Configured for patients up to 500 pounds.
  • Foams and covers used are chosen to maximize pressure reduction and minimize skin sheer.
  • Foams and covers are anti-microbial/anti-bacteria treated.
  • All covers are fluid-impervious.
  • Compliant  with Fire Code CAL 117.
  • PEAK pads are X-ray translucent.
  • The OrcaSeal™ cover option is available for PEAK pads.
  • Pintler pads come with a velcro-fastener securely attached.




Operating Room Pad Configurations

Pintler Medical can provide PEAK pads for all surgical tables and many specialty requests. Please contact us directly.

Pintler PEAK operating room pads are available with the OrcaSeal™ cover—an anti-microbial vinyl spray-coat which performs as a durable protective skin enveloping the foam. This innovation provides 100% coverage, protects against fluid ingression and reduces the skin sheer effect of sewn covers.

The vinyl skin is applied over low-ILD foams, allowing the pressure reduction properties of the foam to be maximized.  PEAK operating room pads are also available with a sewn vinyl cover.