For any procedure, of any length, every time.

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    Clean design. Intuitive operation.

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    Intelligent solutions for patient care

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    Can pay for itself in less than 1 year.

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    Environmentally responsible
    from design to disposal.

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PINTLER MEDICAL designs, develops and delivers products that provide the healthcare professional, with safe, effective, solutions for patient warming and pressure redistribution.     With an expertise in maintaining normo-thermia using conductive  warming technology and pressure redistribution design to provide innovative products supporting positive patient outcomes .

Pintler Medical’s products are uniquely designed for maintaining normo-thermia with unparalleled attention to patient safety. We design, develop and deliver products that provide healthcare professionals with a safe and highly effective solution for patient warming and pressure redistribution.

Pintler Patient Warming Systems do two things better than any other company in the world: safe patient warming and superior pressure redistribution for every patient. Pintler Pads provide a surface for the surgical table, not an overlay, not a disposable; rather a Smart pad, providing warming and pressure redistribution to all patients.